Kantor, The Dead Class

Kantor, The Dead Class

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A major work, The Dead Class by Tadeusz Kantor was first performed in Kraków in 1975. It is considered one of the most innovative and influential works of twentieth-century theatre. On stage, Kantor directs the « dramatic séance ». Elderly men return to their school desks after many years, carrying backpacks and mannequins – figures of the aged men’s childhoods. A pivotal work, The Dead Class is the culmination of earlier experiments and lessons learned by Kantor and the first performance of the Theatre of Death.
Written by Marie-Thérèse Vido-Rzewuska, a leading expert on Kantor’s theatre, this book features an introduction to The Dead Class, more than 50 photographs by Jacquie Bablet (most of them unpublished) and a bibliography.
Rewind presents a collection of studies on the greatest works and most prominent figures of contemporary theatre. Each book is based on an extensive iconographic research of previously unpublished materials.

Edited by Clarisse Bardiot
Illustrateur Jacquie Bablet
Auteur Marie-Thérèse Vido-Rzewuska

Éditeur(s) Éditions Subjectile
ISBN 3612223109469
Date de parution décembre 2017
Nombre de pages 0
Format EPUB
Langues anglais

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