Stream 03

Stream 03


Stream 03 focuses on the phenomenon of rapid urbanization of the planet, now synonymous with globalization. We live in a time of mutation: the population boom concentrates humanity to major global cities, making them the main venue for problem resolution - between environmental awareness and the constant presence of digital technologies - for the pursuit of economic, social and sustainable development. The term Anthropocene describes a new geological age, where human activity becomes the predominant geophysical force. The implications of this concept exceed the context of scientific debate. Stream 03 employs conceptual tools for defining our urban condition within the Anthropocene age. Stream is a book-magazine that addresses contemporary questions across a wide-range of formats (essays, interviews and case studies) deriven from a variety of disciplines (philosophy, economy, geography, sociology, etc) and creative practices (contemporary art, design, experimental architecture, etc) to understand and shape tomorrow’s architecture and urban planning. In previous editions, Stream 01 and 02 explored the relationship between culture and economy, and the evolution of our relationship to work and the work environment.

Auteur Philippe Chiambaretta, Saskia Sassen, Pierre Huyghe

Éditeur(s) Stream
ISBN 9782954096957
Date de parution avril 2015
Nombre de pages 448

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