272 pages minus 232 equals Celluloïd

272 pages minus 232 equals Celluloïd


272 pages minus 232 equals Celluloïd is an artist’s book, a radical, simple gesture. It re-appropriates the 272 pages catalogue of Hans-Peter Feldmann’s work (a collector-artist, who exploits images he doesn’t own), choosing to leave visible only the terms that apply to Feldmann’s work. This act of graphic hijacking serves to interrogate the ever-complexified notion of the signature, the ownership of words and ideas. Here, in just the sort of graphico-conceptual conjuring trick we like, the exploiter finds himself hoisted by his own petard.
Art Book Magazine

Artist franckDavid
Contributor Chuck Berry, Helena Tatay, Guerrilla Art Action Group, Brigitte Bardot, Hans-Peter Feldmann
Graphic design franckDavid

Publisher Superprint
Publication date September 2012
Nombre de pages 68
Format PDF
Langues English, French

Art Book Magazine


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