6 x 6 / 36 - Landscape

6 x 6 / 36 - Landscape

Éditions Subjectile

Created by Collectif Nunc, 6 X 6 / 36 — Landscape is both a book and an exhibition. In it, Annick Bureaud, Cyril Thomas and Jean-Luc Soret collaborate with several artists working in very different fields to approach the question of landcsape: Joan Fontcuberta, Jodi, Catherine Rannou, Jodi Rose, Semiconductor and Jeremy Wood. To curate your own exhibition in your home or around your city, print the QR codes on self-adhesive paper. When scanned on a mobile phone, the QR codes give access to the artworks.

Author Annick Bureaud, Jean-Luc Soret, Cyril Thomas

Publisher Éditions Subjectile
ISBN 3612220073619
Publication date January 2013
Nombre de pages 0
Format PDF
Langues English

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