Brigitte Zieger

Brigitte Zieger


Born in Germany in 1959, Brigitte Zieger has been living and working in Paris since 1979. By means of displacements, transfers and metamorphoses, she puts to the test the archetypes associated with the definition of the unstable feminine/masculine identity. With video, painting and sculpture, her works explore the relationship between the power of seduction and the power of violence. “Dangerously decorative”, her pieces are themselves prime targets of the meanings brewing within them. Sliding from one medium to another, using special effects, Brigitte Zieger questions the spectacular beauty and brutality of our world and of its representations.

With its precise graphic design and its simple, linear structure, this catalogue enables a dynamic reading of the work of Brigitte Zieger. The zoom gives the reader access to all the sensitivity of pieces constantly playing with appearances and with levels - a play of interpretative planes as well as media (drawing, video, installations...).
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Artist Brigitte Zieger
Author Philippe Fernandez, Estelle Pagès, Dominique Païni
Graphic design Lords of Design™

Publisher Burozoïque
ISBN 9782917130575
Publication date December 2011
Nombre de pages 84
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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