Collection #1

Collection #1

En Marge

A dynamic, liberated, generous, and relevant young magazine. A little waking dream for any fan of drawing, no matter what kind. Interviews with Charles Burns by Mathias Schweizer for a first issue that sets the tone. Perfect for on-screen reading.
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Art Book Magazine

Collection is a magazine that presents drawing in its many forms, from contemporary art to graphics via comic strips, through dialogues with the artists. The team of illustrators and artists behind Collection doesn’t offer a journalistic or a critical point of view, but aims to stand up for drawings, without caring for any barriers between the genres, by letting those who draw do the talking.

With Mathias Schweizer, Ludovic Boulard Le Fur, Christian Aubrun, Stéphane Prigent, Petra Mrzyk and Jean-François Moriceau, Fanny Michaëlis, Charles Burns, Corentin Grossmann, Pimp My Life, Gerard Herman, Ricardo Lanzarini, Ruppert & Mulot...

Artist Charles Burns, Ruppert & Mulot, Stéphane Prigent, Mrzyk & Moriceau, Mathias Schweizer, Corentin Grossmann, Ludovic Boulard Le Fur, Fanny Michaëlis, Pimp My Life, Ricardo Lanzarini, Christian Aubrun, Gerard Herman
Contributor Jean-Philippe Bretin, Vanessa Dziuba, Julien Kedryna, Marine Le Saout, Sammy Stein, Antoine Stevenot, Joseph Ghosn
Photographer Guillaume Jolly, Léonard Oliviero
Translation Chantal Agulhon, Soozy Bellenot, Camille Chambon, Camille Chambon, Perrine Chambon, Alain Coci Gaëla, Fernández Paloma Goulemot
Graphic design Jean-Philippe Bretin, Marine Le Saout, Antoine Stevenot
Author Collectif

Publisher En Marge
ISBN 9782914697439
Publication date August 2011
Nombre de pages 168
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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