Collection #3

Collection #3

En Marge

A third issue that’s brimming over: the art of drawing ventures into space, becomes a pretext for strange discussions and encounters with artists on the margins of art - whether contemporary or outsider art, or art appliqué... The interviews are searching but relaxed, very well illustrated, and follow on without interruption. We set off in search of adventure in a crowded bus, full of monsters and characters sketched in pencil, with passionate illustrators: the road winds, the engine heats up - we don’t necessarily know the destination but that’s what makes for the quality of this issue. The voyage is joyful, erudite, sometimes a little crazy, but always interesting.
262 pages of pure pleasure and amazing discoveries.
To be put into everyone's hands.
Art Book Magazine

David Shrigley, Shoboshobo, Flag / Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard, Thomas Mailaender &, Dominique Théate, Fabio Viscogliosi, Benjamin Marra, Moolinex, Delphine Duprat, Lord Jon Ray, Lætitia Gendre

Artist Collectif
Contributor Jean-Philippe Bretin, Vanessa Dziuba, FibreTigre, Bill Kartalopoulos, Julien Kedryna, Sammy Stein, Antoine Stevenot
Translation Soozy Rios Bellenot, Estelle Cordelier
Graphic design Jean-Philippe Bretin, Antoine Stevenot

Publisher En Marge
ISBN 9782914697613
Publication date September 2012
Nombre de pages 262
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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