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Antoine et Manuel, Antoinetmanuel, Antoine+Manuel: always the same people, but many different four-handed writing styles. Meticulous vectors, knotty modelling clay, cut-up cartons, dynamic hand-drawn lines, all applied to the creation of images as well as typography, and in the service of theatre, dance, haute couture, furniture, contemporary art, and etymology.
In this catalogue, published on the occasion of their exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in January 2009, Emmanuel Bérard, Amélie Gastaut, Christian Lacroix, and Emmanuel Latreille among others speak of their collaboration with the two creators. The book has been optimized for this digital version. On screen, the luminosity of the colours and the quality of the textures give the work a new dimension. We invite you to zoom in and roam through these images like so many landscapes, so many maps, so many mysterious, sober, or tormented universes.
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Artist Antoine+Manuel
Author Antoine+Manuel
Contributor Emmanuel Bérard, Amélie Gastaut, Jean-Marc Grangier, Emmanuelle Huynh, Christian Lacroix, Daniel Larrieu, Emmanuel Latreille, Liliane Schaus
Graphic design Antoine+Manuel

Publisher Antoine+Manuel Éditions
ISBN 9782953358513
Publication date December 2011
Nombre de pages 246
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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