Didier Courbot

Didier Courbot

Didier Courbot / Art Book Magazine

A silent journey in images with the earliest works of the artist Didier Courbot: interventions in the urban landscape of big cities in which he has treated plants, furniture, signboards...
This opus also features a few forays into his gallery work, always undertaken with the same delicacy, observing the same distance, the same resistance... A walk through an open and subtle assemblage of works, documents and memories. A simple yet original opus, the digital version of which delivers every detail of the artist’s work on images and photographs.

Artist Didier Courbot
Translation Youcef
Graphic design Labomatic

Publisher Didier Courbot / Art Book Magazine
ISBN 9782821600287
Publication date April 2011
Nombre de pages 132
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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