Miquel Mont

Miquel Mont


With this volume Miquel Mont shows us a selection of works he produced between 1997 and 2004. Surfaces, volumes, frames and colours make up the palette of an artist who questions the transformation of painting in the 20th century. This edition is largely devoted to photographs in-situ and the context of each of the pieces, which reveal themselves differently according to the space in which they are “installed”. Miquel's work operates in a strict and sober detachment from framed painting, facing with gentle violence its “decorative” future, rendered impossible. A practice of painting on a knife’s edge, with disconcerting visibility, that takes on its full meaning in the current debate on the future of painting against a scale of globalization and standardization. Tristan Trémeau suggests a reading that calls on Rodchenko, Rauschenberg, Piet Mondriaan, Daniel Buren, not to mention Supports-Surfaces, Blinky Palermo and Daniel Deleuze.
A book in the image of the painter: sensitive and relevant. We are very proud to bring it to you.
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Artist Miquel Mont
Contributors Tristan Trémeau
Graphic design Rogers Willems

Publisher Roma
ISBN 9782821600423
Publication date April 2012
Nombre de pages 89
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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