Movement Symbolisation Out of Kinetography Laban

Movement Symbolisation Out of Kinetography Laban

Centre National de la Danse

Movement symbolisation consists of group of signs that come directly from Rudolf Laban's movement notation. It is intended to describe the “motivation” of a series of movements, their basic outline, their structure. Movement symbolisation also facilitates the summary translation of a sequence of movements that have already been formulated. It is a referential tool for improvisation and composition classes. It enables to build compositional grids, to keep and compare structures allowing the performer to have a frame of reference leaning on the given basics of an occupied space, an attributed time frame, the primary actions of the whole body or parts of the body in movement, the relation to the surrounding space or to one or several other participants, the dynamics, etc. Successfully used in any movement classes, it helps the teacher with the development of the creative potential of the participants

Author Jacqueline Challet-Haas

Publisher Centre National de la Danse
ISBN 3612222806741
Publication date November 2016
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Format PDF
Langues French

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