Persistence is All

Persistence is All

FRAC Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur

Pierre Beloüin is a “one-man band” artist, an “Artistic Director” equally versed in sound installations, photography, bas-relief or cars... With its uncluttered design, this catalogue introduced by the critic Jill Gasparina, is composed of skilfully chosen and organized series of pieces, created over a few years. There’s no attempt here to reduce the artist's gestures to a few clichés; on the contrary, this volume aims to show off all of his potential and the works to come.
The question of music is at the centre of his work and of this edition, which, like with the artists Pierre Beloüin admires - Mike Kelley and Sonic Youth among others - cannot be only an illustration or transfer of disciplines. On the contrary, it's a genuine plastic material made for experiencing and for projecting in the reality of the exhibition.
A tense, perfect volume
to discover this artist in all his myriad facets.

Author Pierre Beloüin
Contributor Jill Gasparina
Translation Black Sifichi
Graphic design Olivier Huz, Claire Moreux

Publisher FRAC Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur
ISBN 9782821600300
Publication date April 2011
Nombre de pages 100
Format PDF
Langues English, French

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