So long, Silver Screen

So long, Silver Screen

Europe Comics

What is cinema? What is its effect on us? Why do we love it so much? These are all questions to which Blutch seeks the answers in his considered and humble way, drawing on his prodigious cultural knowledge and his gift for the comic book form. He references Burt Lancaster, Jean Gabin, Michel Piccoli, Luchino Visconti, Claudia Cardinale, Tarzan, Psychose, and many more. As much comic book as graphic essay, this reverie on the narrative art of image marks the advent of one of today's masters of the 9th art.

Drawings by Blutch
Author Blutch

Publisher Europe Comics
ISBN 9791032802816
Publication date March 2017
Nombre de pages 88
Langues English

Art Book Magazine


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